Y Not Build a HEPPY Lifestyle™?

Build YOUR own lifestyle!  Throw away the weight watcher diet and build a healthy active lifestyle with intention and determination.  Want a Mediterranean diet?  Build the lifestyle — grow it, eat it, do it!  Lifestyle of workouts?  Then build it!  Build your own lifestyle, follow someone else, and tailor your own lifestyle.  But DO empower yourself — it’s easy, inexpensive and healthy.  Welcome of our HEPPY Lifestyle™!

HEPPY Lifestyle™ uses permaculture, sustainability, Quality of Life (QOL), self reliance, and love to build our lifestyle.  It started as an experiment!  Below is the who, what, where, why & how we transitioned a ‘regular’ residential home to a HEPPY Lifestyle home.  

Make this YOUR lifestyle too.  If we can do it then so can YOU!  Make YOUR home a Happy … or, HEPPY™ Home.  Nutritional, physical, mental, creative, and financial health are the pillars of a HEPPY Lifestyle — pillars to QOL.  Join US, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel!!

Healthy Lifestyle home using permaculture, sustainability, Quality of Life (QOL), self reliance, and love

Who & What is HEPPY Lifestyle™ permaculture stuff!?

from this to that…  

the lifestyle journey started with reclaiming an abandoned home on 02 acres.  it was ONLY 9 miles south of the US Capitol.  so the who and & what started with a lifestyle lesson we all know:  keep imagining, keep looking and keep trying!

i thought, let’s use this space — the home and land — to build a ~100% off grid, self sustaining, organic garden, educational space, business incubator!  a retreat & sanctuary.   and basically, just under Washington, DC.  Y Not?!?!  

imagine the Amish community mating with the Shark Tank.  old world European work ethic and permaculture techniques married to American ingenuity and today’s incredible technology.  and insert people who are passionate for Quality of Life (QOL).

HEPPY Lifestyle™ is converting a modern home to meet today’s nutritional, physical, financial, and emotional needs.  If the experiment works we leave behind an endearing legacy.   Y Not?!?!

Where and Why the Lifestyle?

where and why…

aka, Rancho De La Paz, we sit in a historic district, surrounded by 90 acres of undeveloped Maryland forest and only 200 yards from the Potomac.  We’re located in beautiful, Fort Washington. MD.

the Broad Creek Historic District is in the in the U.S. National and Maryland Register of Historic Places.  the district includes evidence of the prominent port town of Aire, established in 1706, St. John’s Church, erected c. 1766-1768, the remnants of a canal completed by 1749, the ruins of Want Water (a 1 1/2-story, gambrel-roofed dwelling) constructed in 1708, and Harmony Hall, a c. 1769 Georgian dwelling overlooking the Potomac River.  

with the District as a backdrop, HEPPY Lifestyle lives to be healthy.  why?  to enjoy permaculture gardening, apply sustainability techniques and technologies for self reliance, pursue pillars of QOL, and love.  that’s the brand — that’s the lifestyle — Y Not?!?!   Volunteer and Support a Permaculture Garden & Sanctuary!


Healthy Lifestyle retreat in Washington DC


the fully funded property is an experiment, and requires thoughtful, dedicated and talented people.

we grow many varieties of  native, and well-adapted non-native, edible trees and shrubs.  an herb garden is expanding and a massive number of plants can be propagated.  skills and dedication in maintaining what’s grown, growing more and caring for the property is how we accomplish our mission.

HEPPY’s goal is to be a truly self-sustaining community in a modern setting.  to add value to enough people that we can continue our work showing simple but effective benefits and solutions. 

how does the HEPPY Lifestyle™ happen?  with imagination, effort, $, American ingenuity, technology — by all means!

HEPPY™ lifestyle is health and wellness, and focused on QOL.  it’s growing and eating quality nutritious food; it’s physical exercise and physical health; HEPPY values mental health to include rest, meditation, enjoyment of nature, and working at what makes you passionate; it’s about being creative, artistic and INVENTIVE; and HEPPY emphasizes financial health by being conservative, patient, self-sustaining, and finding best value.  nutritional, physical, mental, creative, and financial health are pillars of a HEPPY Lifestyle™ – pillars to QOL.

Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapine carolina​​) thrive by using permaculture gardening techniques
we're also turtle friendly 😉