List of 400 edible plants and How To Grow them!

Below is a list of 400 edible plants***.  We are growing or plan to grow them all!   The list ALSO links to webpages that show YOU How To Garden them.  Grow edible plants for fun, in landscape designs, for nutritional value, or to sell plant products.  Each webpage highlights these values!

Use the list to select characteristics that YOU prefer!  Want to grow a superfood?  Something to help sleep better?  Want a fruiting tree or fruiting groundcover?  Need an edible plant for full sun or full shade?  Find YOUR preferred edible plant and link to extraordinary content

HEPPY™ is located in North America, growing zone 7 (0 to 5 °F / -17.8 to -15 °C).  We’re located in an urban community ONLY 9 miles south of the US Capitol.  We use simple, organic gardening, permaculture techniques to grow native and well-adapted non-native plants. 

*** The list is periodically revised:  there are 490 plants as of February 2024.  The list is refined as we learn more.  We’ll add more unusual plants, add preferred cultivars and remove others.  The list of 490 edible plants includes fruiting trees, fruiting shrubs, fruiting vines, and fruiting ground cover.  It includes teas, herbs, perennial vegetables, edible flowers, and edible aquatic and medicinal plants.  

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Why is HEPPY™ growing 400 edible plants?

Our philosophy: why not try!  From fruits to teas, we’ll plant whatever gives human health benefits and grows in zone 7!  Also, why waste space with a large lawn?  We’ve identified so many edible plants so I decided to create an exhibition garden!

The exhibition garden / food forest is a living tapestry of edible plants that YOU can grow.  Increase plant diversity, stability and resiliency.  Increase your self reliance, improve the environment, help wildlife and pollinators, AND get some exercise while doing it!  Replace your standard landscape plants, and grow truly useful plants ;).   

If I can do it then so can you.  Whether you’re in a rural or urban setting, YOU TOO can garden one or more of these 400 edible plants.  You’re welcome to explore HEPPY’s garden and sanctuary!   

How to Use the list

1. SEARCH using the table’s filter or Search field.  Or, select Ctrl+f (both keys) on your keyboard and open your browser’s Find Bar.

2. the FIRST ~145 rows link to webpages that show YOU how to garden each plant and more***.  The FINAL ~345 rows have no webpages — content is being researched and written :/.  If you like to research & write, then plz volunteer 😉

Plants grow in full sun, partial shade, full shade, or a combination
A plant's water needs are low, moderate or high
Plants grow slow, moderate or fast
Plants with human health benefits based on NIH and proven folk remedies
Superfood for healthy living
This plant encourages sleep, improves sleep quality or is calming
Plants that improve lung function and respiratory health
insecticidal properties black and white pic
Nitrogen fixing plants have a symbiotic association with bacteria
Wildlife food for birds and small mammals
↑   full sun
⇗  full or half
~  half sun
↓   low sun (shade)
⇅   all levels of sunlight
↑ high need
~ moderate or it varies
↓ low need

growth rate
↑ fast
~ moderate
↓ slow

medicinal plants
↑  high
~ moderate
↓  low
n  not found

↑↑  a superfood
↑    highly nutritious
n   not a superfood

y  yes
n  no

supports lung health
y  yes
n  no

repels insects
y  yes
n  no

nitrogen fixing
y  yes
n  no

wildlife food
y  yes, birds / mammal
n  no

Plants grow in full sun, partial shade, full shade, or a combinationA plant's water needs are low, moderate or highPlants grow slow, moderate or fastPlants with human health benefits based on NIH and proven folk remediesA Superfood for human healthThis plant encourages sleep, improves sleep quality or is calmingPlants that improve lung function and respiratory healthPlants with insecticidal and insect repellent propertiesNitrogen fixing plants have a symbiotic association with bacteriaWildlife food for birds and small mammalsPollinators are attracted to this plantPlants native to North AmericaDeer tolerant plants
ArtichokeJerusalemHelianthus tuberosusveggYdied
ArtichokeJerusalem ‘Red Rover’Helianthus tuberosus ‘Red Rover’veggYgrowing
BeautyberryAmericanCallicarpa americanashrubgrowing
BeautyberryBlackCallicarpa acuminatashrubwish list?~~nnnynynn100
BeautyberryPinkCallicarpa americana ‘Welch’s Pink’shrubgrowing
BeautyberryWhiteCallicarpa americana ‘Alba’shrubgrowing
BlackberryChesapeakeRubus pascuusshrubgrowing
BlackberryColumbia Giant ThornlessRubus hybridshrubwish list~↑↑nnnnyyn0
BlackberryKiowaRubus Kiowashrubgrowing
BlackberryPrime-ArkRubus APF-153T PPAFshrubgrowing
BlackberryTriple CrownRubus X Triple Crownshrubgrowing
CamelliaGreen TeaCamellia sinensisteagrowing
CheCalifornia DreamingMaclura tricuspidata (Cudrania tricuspidata)treegrowing
CheDarrowMaclura tricuspidata (Cudrania tricuspidata)treewish listnnnnnnnnu
CheHwang Kum #3Maclura tricuspidata (Cudrania tricuspidata)treegrowing
CheNorrisMaclura tricuspidata (Cudrania tricuspidata)treegrowing
CheSeedlessMaclura tricuspidata (Cudrania tricuspidata)treegrowing
ChiveChiveAllium schoenoprasumherbgrowing
ChiveGarlicAllium tuberosumherbgrowing
ChokeberryBlackAronia melanocarpashrubgrowing
ChokeberryBlack ‘Ground Hug’Aronia melanocarpagroundgrowing
ChokeberryPurpleAronia x prunifoliashrubwish list~nnnnnyyy0
ChokeberryRedAronia arbutifoliashrubwish list~nnnnnyyy0
ChokeberryRedAronia arbutifolia ‘Brilliantissima’shrubgrowing
ElderberryBlack LaceSambucus nigrashrubgrowing
ElderberryBlueSambucus mexicanashrubgrowing
ElderberryBob GordonSambucus canadensisshrubgrowing
ElderberryCut LeafSambucus nigra laciniatashrubwish list~nnnnnyyn0
ElderberryJohnsSambucus canadensisshrubgrowing
ElderberryRedSambucus racemosashrubwish list~~nnnnnyyy0
FigBrown Turkey or Chicago HardyFicus caricatreegrowing
FigKadota (we assume)Ficus caricatreegrowing
FigLittle Miss FiggyFicus caricatreegrowing
FigPetite NegraFicus caricatreegrowing
FrankliniaTea TreeFranklinia alatamahateagrowing
Goji BerryBlackLycium ruthenicumshrubgrowing
Goji BerryChineseLycium chinenseshrubgrowing
Goji BerryGoldenLycium barbarumshrubgrowing
Goji BerryPhoenix TearsLycium barbarumshrubgrowing
Goji BerryRed EmpressLycium barbarumshrubwish list
GoumiSweet ScarletElaeagnus multiflorashrubgrowing
GoumiTillamookElaeagnus multiflorashrubgrowing
HawthornGold AzaroleCrataegus azarolustreewish list~~~nnnnynn
HawthornRed Sun Chinese HawCrataegus pinnatifidatreedied
JujubeCocoZizyphus jujubatreewish list~nnn
JujubeDon PolenskiZizyphus jujubatreewish list~nnn
JujubeGA 866Zizyphus jujubatreegrowing
JujubeJunzaoZizyphus jujubatreewish list~nnn
JujubeLangZizyphus jujubatreegrowing
JujubeLiZizyphus jujubatreegrowing
JujubeShan Xi LiZizyphus jujubatreegrowing
JujubeSoZizyphus jujubatreegrowing
JujubeXingguangZizyphus jujubatreewish list~nnn
JujubeXu ZhouZizyphus jujubatreewish list~nnn
Kiwi / ArcticRed BeautyActinidia kolomiktavinewish list~nnnnynnnn
Kiwi / FuzzyAU Golden SunshineActinidia chinensisvinewish list~ynnynnnn0
Kiwi / FuzzyAU Golden Tiger (male)Actinidia chinensisvinewish list~ynnnynnnn0
Kiwi / FuzzyJennyActinidia deliciosavinewish list~ynnynnnn0
Kiwi / FuzzyMatuaActinidia deliciosavinegrowing
Kiwi / FuzzySaanichtonActinidia deliciosavinewish list~ynnynnnn0
Kiwi / FuzzyVincentActinidia deliciosavinegrowing
Kiwi / HardyAnnaActinidia argutavinegrowing
Kiwi / HardyChang BaiActinidia argutavinewish list~nnnnynnnn0
Kiwi / HardyIssaiActinidia argutavinegrowing
Kiwi / HardyKen’s RedActinidia arguta x melanandravinegrowing
Kiwi / HardyMaleActinidia argutavinegrowing
Kiwi / HardyMichigan StateActinidia argutavinewish list~nnnnynnnn0
LavenderCottonSantolina chamaecyparissusherbgrowing
LavenderHidcoteLavandula angustifoliaherbwish list~ynynynnyn100
LavenderMunsteadLavandula angustifoliaherbgrowing
LavenderPhenomenalLavandula x intermediaherbgrowing
LavenderSensationalLavandula x intermediaherbgrowing
MulberryGerardiMorus alba X rubratreegrowing
MulberryPakistanMorus alba ‘ Pakistan’treegrowing
MulberryRedMorus rubratreegrowing
MulberryTexasMorus microphyllatreegrowing
MulberryWeepingMorus alba ‘Pendula’treegrowing
OliveNikita JubileeOlea europaeatreegrowing
OliveSanta CaterinaOlea europaeatreegrowing
Pawpaw250-39Asimina triloba ‘Jerry’s Big Girl’treegrowing
PawpawKentucky ChampionAsimina triloba ‘KY Champion’treegrowing
PawpawPotomacAsimina triloba ‘Potomac’treegrowing
PawpawProlificAsimina triloba ‘Prolific’treegrowing
PawpawSOCAsimina trilobatreegrowing
PawpawSusquehannaAsimina triloba ‘Susquehanna’treegrowing
PawpawWellsAsimina triloba ‘Wells’treegrowing
PearDrippin’ HoneyPyrus pyrifoliatreegrowing
PearKiefferPyrus communistreegrowing
PearKorean GiantPyrus pyrifoliatreegrowing
PearMoonglowPyrus communistreegrowing
PearWarrenPyrus communistreegrowing
PepperHercules ClubZanthoxylum clava-herculistreewish list~~~nnnynyyy
PepperKoreanZanthoxylum schinifoliumshrubwish list~~~nnnnnn
PepperSanshoZanthoxylum piperitumshrubgrowing
PepperSechuanZanthoxylum simulansshrubgrowing
PepperTasmanian MountainDrimys lanceolata (Tasmannia lanceolata)shrubgrowing
PepperToothache TreeZanthoxylum americanumshrubwish list~~~nnnynyyy
PersimmonAmericanDiospyros virginianatreegrowing
PersimmonCaucasianDiospyros lotustreegrowing
PersimmonFuyu (Fuyugaki)Diospyros kakitreewish list~~↑↑nnnnynn75
PersimmonGiant FuyuDiospyros kakitreegrowing
PersimmonIzuDiospyros kakitreegrowing
PersimmonKasandraDiospyros virginiana x kakitreegrowing
PersimmonNikitas GiftDiospyros virginiana x kakitreegrowing
PersimmonRosseyankaDiospyros virginiana x kakitreegrowing
PersimmonSaijoDiospyros kakitreegrowing
PersimmonTexasDiospyros texanatreegrowing
PersimmonWase Fuyu AsianDiospyrus kakitreegrowing
PlumAmericanPrunus americanatreegrowing
PlumBeachPrunus maritimashrubgrowing
PlumChickasawPrunus angustifoliatreegrowing
PlumCreekPrunus rivularistreegrowing
PlumFlatwoodsPrunus umbellatatreewish list~~nnynnyyy0
PlumMethleyPrunus salicinatreegrowing
PlumMexicanPrunus mexicanatreegrowing
PlumSatsumaPrunus salicinatreegrowing
RaspberryAnneRubus idaeusshrubgrowing
RaspberryBlackRubus occidentalisshrubgrowing
RaspberryCaroline EverbearingRubus idaeusshrubgrowing
RaspberryCascade DelightRubus idaeusshrubwish list↑↑nnnnynn0
RaspberryFormosan CarpetRubus pentalobusground covergrowing
RaspberryJoan JRubus idaeusshrubgrowing
RaspberryKillarneyRubus idaeusshrubwish list↑↑nnnnynn0
RaspberryPurpleRubus odoratusshrubwish list↑↑nnnnyny0
RaspberryRed HeritageRubus idaeusshrubgrowing
RaspberryShortcakeRubus idaeusshrubgrowing
RaspberrySophia ArcticRubus arcticusgroundwish list↑↑y0
RaspberryVintageRubus idaeusshrubwish list↑↑nnnnynn0
Sea BerryBaikal RubyHippophae rhamnoidesshrubwish list~~↑↑nnnyn
Sea BerryGolden SweetHippophae rhamnoidesshrubdied
Sea BerryKlim’s PrizeHippophae rhamnoidesshrubdied
Sea BerryLeikoraHippophae rhamnoidesshrubwish list~~↑↑nnnyn
Sea BerryMaleHippophae rhamnoidesshrubgrowing
Sea BerryOrange EnergyHippophae rhamnoidesshrubdied
Sea BerrySirolaHippophae rhamnoidesshrubgrowing
Sea BerryStar of AltaiHippophae rhamnoidesshrubwish list~~↑↑nnnyn
Sea BerrySunnyHippophae rhamnoidesshrubdied
SpicebushNorthernLindera benzoinherbgrowing
SpikenardAmericanAralia racemosashrubgrowing
SpikenardJapaneseAralia cordatashrubwish list~~nnnnnyyn
SpikenardSun KingAralia cordatashrubgrowing
TruffleTreeQuercus ilextreegrowing
ValerianGardenValeriana officinalisherbgrowing
ValerianValerianValeriana edulisherbwish listnnnnnnny



for the



AgaritaAgaritaMahonia trifoliolatashrubgrowing~~nnnnnyyy
AlmondAll-In-OnePrunus dulcistreedied 🙁~~
AlmondJavid’s IranianPrunus dulcistreewish list~~
AppleJuneMalus pumilatreegrowing
ApricotBlenheimPrunus armeniaca ‘Blenheim’treegrowing
ArrowwoodSouthernViburnum dentatumshrubgrowing
ArtichokeImperial StarCynara scolymusherbdied 🙁
AsparagusJersey KnightAsparagus officinalis ‘Jersey Knight’veggYwish list
AsparagusPurple PacificAsparagus officinalis ‘Purple Pacific’veggYdied 🙁
AsparagusSweet PurpleAsparagus officinalis ‘Sweet Purple’veggYwish list
AstragalusAstragalusAstragalus membranaceusherbwish list~
BalmHorseCollinsonia canadensisherbwish list
BalmLemonMelissa officinalisherbgrowing
BananaGolden AfricanMusa acuminata × balbisianatreegrowing
BananaRaja PuriMusa acuminatatreegrowing
BarberryCommonBerberis vulgarisshrubwish list
BarberryCalafateBerberis microphyllashrubwish list
BarberryDarwinBerberis darwiniishrubwish list
BarkWinter’sDrimys winterishrubwish list
BasilGenoveseOcimum basilicumherbgrowing
BasswoodAmericanTilia americanateawish list
BayberryCaliforniaMorella californicashrubwish list
BayberryNorthernMorella pensylvanicashrubgrowing
BayberrySouthernMorella caroliniensisshrubwish list
BeanTeparyPhaseolus acutifoliusvinewish list
BeebalmScarletMonarda didyma ‘Jacob Cline’herbwish list
BeebalmSpottedMonarda punctataherbwish list
BeechAmericanFagus grandifoliatreegrowing
BergamotPurpleMonarda mediaherbwish list
BergamotWhiteMonarda clinopodiaherbwish list
BergamotWildMonarda fistulosaherbwish list
BetonyBetonyStachys officinalis (or S. officianalis)herbgrowingnnynnnyn
BilberryBilberryVaccinium myrtillusshrubwish list
BilberryDwarfVaccinium cespitosum Michauxshrubwish list
BirchPaperBetula papyriferaherbwish list
BirchRiverBetula nigraherbgrowing
BlackhawBlackhawViburnum prunifoliumshrubgrowing
BlackhawPrairie ClassicViburnum x Prairie Classicshrubgrowing
BlackhawRustyViburnum rufidulumtreegrowing
BlackthornBlackthornPrunus spinosashrubwish list
BlueberryBluecropVaccinium corymbosum ‘bluecrop’shrubgrowing
BlueberryBluegoldVaccinium corymbosum ‘bluegold’shrubgrowing
BlueberryCara’s ChoiceVaccinium corymbosum ‘cara’s choice’shrubgrowing
BlueberryChandlerVaccinium corymbosum ‘chandler’shrubgrowing
BlueberryClimaxVaccinium asheishrubgrowing
BlueberryElliottVaccinium elliottiishrubgrowing
BlueberryMixed VarietyVacciniumshrubgrowing
BonesetCommonEupatorium perfoliatumherbwish list
BorageBorageBorago officianalisherbwish list
BuffaloberryBuffaloberryShepherdia argenteashrubgrowing
ButternutButternutJuglans cinereatreegrowing
ButtonbushCommonCephalanthus occidentalisherbgrowing
CactusPrickly PearOpuntia humifusashrubgrowing
CamasCamasZigadenus glaberrimusherbwish list
CattailsCattailsTypha angustifolia, Typha domingensisaquaticwish list
ChamomileChamomileMatricaria chamomilla (syn. Matricaria recutita)herbgrowing
ChasteTreeVitex agnus castusherbgrowing
ChayoteChayoteSechium eduleveggYwish list
CherryBlackPrunus serotinatreegrowing
CherryBingPrunus aviumtreegrowing
CherryBlack GoldPrunus aviumtreegrowing
CherryBlack TartarianPrunus aviumtreedied 🙁 and wish list
CherryWhite GoldPrunus aviumtreegrowing
Cherry, BushCarmine JewelPrunus fruticosa x Prunus cerasusshrubgrowing
Cherry, BushJulietPrunus fruticosa x Prunus cerasusshrubwish list
Cherry, BushKoreanPrunus japonicashrubwish list
Cherry, CornelianCoral BlazeCornus mastreegrowing?~nnnnnnyyn
Cherry, CornelianPioneerCornus mastreegrowing?~nnnnnnyyn
Cherry, NankingBlackPrunus tomentosashrubwish list
Cherry, NankingCheropugy RedPrunus tomentosashrubgrowing
Cherry, NankingWhitePrunus tomentosashrubgrowing
ChestnutAmericanCastanea dentatatreewish list
ChestnutChineseCastanea mollissimatreewish list
ChestnutColossalCastanea crenata x sativatreewish list
ChestnutEuropeanCastanea sativatreewish list
ChestnutJapaneseCastanea crenatatreewish list
ChestnutPrecoce MigouleCastanea crenata x sativatreewish list
ChinkapinAlleghenyCastanea pumilashrubwish list
ChinkapinOzarkCastanea ozarkensistreewish list
ChufaChufaCyperus esculentusherbwish list
CilantroCilantroCoriandrum sativumherbgrowing
ComfreyRussianSymphytum x Uplandicumherbgrowing
CostmaryCostmaryTanacetum balsamitaherbwish list
CrabappleCrabappleMalus spp.treegrowing
CrabappleChestnutMalus ‘Chestnut’treewish list
CrabappleRescueMalus ‘Rescue’treewish list
CrabappleWhitneyMalus ‘Whitney’treewish list
CranberryAmericanViburnum opulus var. americanumshrubgrowing
CranberryBen LearVaccinium macracarponshrubgrowing
CranberryLargeVaccinium macrocarponshrubwish list
CranberryPilgrimVaccinium macrocarpon pilgrimgroundgrowing
CranberryStevensVaccinium macracarponshrubgrowing
CrowberryBlackEmpetrum nigrumgroundwish list
CurrantBelaruskajaRibes nigrumshrubwish list
CurrantConsort BlackRibes ussurienseshrubgrowing
CurrantCrandallRibes odoratumshrubdied 🙁
CurrantCrusaderRibes nigrum x R. ussurienseshrubwish list
CurrantGloire des Sablons PinkRibes rubrumshrubgrowing
CurrantGolden or CloveRibes odoratumshrubgrowing
CurrantMinaj SmyriouRibes nigrumshrubgrowing
CurrantRed FloweringRibes sanguineumshrubgrowing
CurrantRovada RedRibes rubrumshrubgrowing
CurrantTitaniaRibes rubrumshrubgrowing
DeerberryDeerberryVaccinium stamineumshrubwish list
DewberryDewberryRubus aboriginumshrubwish list
DewberryNorthernRubus flagellarisgroundwish list
DewberrySouthernRubus trivialisgroundwish list
DillDillAnethum graveolensherbgrowing
DogwoodFloweringCornus floridatreegrowing
DogwoodRedosierCornus sericeaherbgrowing
DogwoodSilkyCornus amomumshrubgrowing
Duck PotatoDuck PotatoSagittaria latifoliaaquaticwish list
EchinaceaEchinaceaEchinacea purpureaherbgrowing
FarkleberryFarkleberryVaccinium arboreumshrubwish list
FennelBronzeFoeniculum vulgareherbgrowing
FennelGreenFoeniculum vulgareherbgrowing
FernOstrich FernMatteuccia struthiopterisgroundgrowing~y
FernLadyAthyrium filix-feminagroundgrowing
FeverfewFeverfewTanacetum partheniumherbgrowing
FlaxFlaxLinum usitatissimumherbwish list
FlaxWild BlueLinum lewisiiherbgrowing
FlowerCardinalLobelia cardinalisherbgrowing
FoxgloveFoxgloveDigitalis purpureaherbwish list
Fringe TreeFringe TreeChionanthus virginicustreegrowing
GermanderUprightTeucrium chamaedrysherbgrowing
GingerEuropeanAsarum europaeumherbgrowing
GingerJapaneseAsarum kumageanumherbgrowing
GingerWildAsarum canadenseherbgrowing
GinkgoGinkgoGinkgo bilobatreewish list
GinsengAmericanPanax quinquefolium or Panax quinquefoliusherbwish list
GoldensealGoldensealHydrastis canadensisherbwish list
GooseberryBlack VelvetRibes grossulariashrubgrowing
GooseberryGlenndaleRibes hirtellum x grossulariashrubgrowing
GooseberryHinnonmaki RedRibes uva-crispashrubgrowing
GooseberryJahns PrairieRiber oxyacanthoidesshrubgrowing
GooseberryJewelRibes uva-crispashrubgrowing
GooseberryPoormanRibes grossulariashrubwish list
GooseberryRed GeorgeRibes uva-crispashrubgrowing
GooseberryTixiaRibes uva-crispashrubgrowing
GooseberryWild / Nativepossibly, Ribes missourienseshrubgrowing
GooseberryWild / NativeRibes [unknown]shrubgrowing
GrapeOregonMahonia aquifoliumshrubgrowing
GroundnutAmericanApios americanavinewish list
GuavaAnatokiFeijoa sellowiana (syn., Acca sellowiana)shrubgrowingnnnnnyn
GuavaKaiteri PineappleFeijoa sellowiana (syn., Acca sellowiana)shrubgrowingnnnnnyn
GuavaMammoth PineappleFeijoa sellowiana (syn., Acca sellowiana)shrubgrowingnnnnnyn
GuavaRobert PineappleFeijoa sellowiana (syn., Acca sellowiana)shrubwish listnnnnnyn
GuavaTakakaFeijoa sellowiana (syn., Acca sellowiana)shrubgrowingnnnnnyn
GuavaVillarica Strawberry ChileanUgni molinae ‘Villarica Strawberry’shrubwish list
HackberryCommonCeltis occidentalistreewish list
HackberryEuropeanCeltis australistreewish list
HackberrySouthernCeltis laevigatatreewish list
HazelnutAmericanCorylus americanatreegrowing
HazelnutJeffersonCorylus avellanatreegrowing
HazelnutThetaCorylus avellanatreegrowing
HickoryShagbarkCarya ovatatreedied 🙁
HickoryShellbarkCarya laciniosatreewish list
HobblebushHobblebushViburnum lantanoidesshrubwish list
HollyAmericanIlex opacausefulgrowing
HonewortHonewortCryptotaenia canadensisveggYwish list
HoneyberryBlue HoneysuckleLonicera caeruleashrubwish list
HoneyberryAuroraLonicera caeruleashrubwish list
HoneyberryBerry BlueLonicera caerulea var. edulisshrubwish list
HoneyberryBlue BananaLonicera caeruleashrubwish list
HoneyberryBlue PagodaLonicera caeruleashrubwish list
HoneyberryBlue SeaLonicera caeruleashrubwish list
HoneyberryBoreal BeastLonicera caeruleashrubwish list
HoneyberryGiant’s HeartLonicera caerulea var. emphyllocalyxshrubwish list
HoneyvineHoneyvineCynanchum laeveusefulwish list
HopTreeWafer Ashtreegrowing
HopsHopsHumulus lupulusvinewish list
HorehoundHorehoundMarrubium vulgareherbgrowing
HorseradishHorseradishArmoracia rusticanaherbgrowing
HuckleberryBlackGaylussacia baccatashrubwish list
HuckleberryBlueGaylussacia frondosashrubwish list
IndigoYellow FalseBaptisia tinctoriausefulwish list
IndigobushFalseAmorpha fruticosausefulwish list
InkberryInkberryIlex glabrateawish list
InkberryCompactaIlex glabra ‘Compacta’teagrowing
InkberryShamrockIlex glabra ‘Shamrock’teagrowing
IzoteAdam’s NeedleYucca filamentosaherbgrowing
JostaberryORUS (10)Ribes × nidigrolariashrubwish list
Labrador TeaLabrador TeaLedum groenlandicumherbwish list
LeekWildAllium tricoccumveggYwish list
LicoriceFlagAcorus gramineus ‘Liquorice’herbgrowing
LimeOgecheeNyssa ogechetreewish list
LingonberryBalsgardVaccinium vitus ideausgrounddied 🙁
LoquatUnknownEriobotrya japonicatreegrowing
LovageScotchLigusticum scoticumherbwish list
LovageLovageLevisticum officinaleherbgrowing
MagnoliaSweetbayMagnolia virginianatreewish list
MagnoliaSouthernMagnolia grandifloratreegrowing
MapleSugarAcer saccharumtreewish list
MarjoramSweetOriganum x majoricumherbgrowing
MarshmallowMarshmallowAlthaea officinalisherbgrowing
MayappleMayapplePodophyllum peltatumherbwish list
MayhawLoriCrataegus aestivalistreewish list
MayhawMason’s SuperberryCrataegus opacatreegrowing
MedlarBreda GiantMespilus germanicatreegrowing
MimosaMimosaAlbizia julibrissintreegrowing
MimosaFragrantMimosa borealistreegrowing
MintAnise HyssopAgastache foeniculumherbgrowing
MintAppalachian MountainmintPycnanthemum flexuosumherbwish list
MintAppleMentha suaveolensherbwish list
MintBlack PeppermintMentha x piperita vulgarisherbwish list
MintCatnip ‘Lemon’Nepeta cataria spp. citriodora ‘Lemony’herbgrowing
MintChocolateMentha x piperita ‘Chocolate’herbgrowing
MintClusteredPycnanthemum muticumherbgrowing
MintCommon SelfhealPrunella vulgarisherbgrowing
MintGingerMentha x gracilisherbwish list
MintHoary MountainmintPycnanthemum incanumherbwish list
MintLyre-leaved (or, Lyreleaf)Salvia lyrataherbgrowing
MintNarrowleaf MountainmintPycnanthemum tenuifoliumherbgrowing
MintOrangeMentha x piperita citrataherbgrowing
MintPeppermintMentha × piperitaherbgrowing
MintPineappleMentha suaveolens ‘Variegata’herbwish list
MintScotchMentha × gracilisherbgrowing
MintSpearmintMentha spicataherbgrowing
MintVirginia MountainmintPycnanthemum virginianumherbgrowing
MintYellow Giant HyssopAgastache nepetoidesusefulgrowing
MistflowerBlueConoclinium coelestinumusefulwish list
MotherwortMotherwortLeonurus cardiacaherbwish list
Mountain AshAmericanSorbus americanatreewish list
MuscadineCowartVitis rotundifolia ‘Cowart’vinewish list
MuscadineSweet JennyVitis rotundifoliavinewish list
MyrtleWaxMorella cerifera (or Myrica cerifera, Myrica pusilla)shrubwish list
NannyberryNannyberryViburnum lentagoshrubwish list
NectarineAtomic RedPrunus persica ‘Atomic Red’treegrowing
NectarineOctober SugarPrunus persica ‘October Sugar’treewish list
NectarinePacific PridePrunus persica ‘Pacific Pride’treewish list
NectarineRapunzelPrunus persica ‘Rapunzel’treewish list
NectarineSnow QueenPrunus persica ‘Snow Queen’treedied 🙁
NectarineSpring SnowPrunus persica ‘Spring Snow’treewish list
NettleStingingUrtica dioicaherbgrowing
OrangeHardyCitrus trifoliatatreegrowing
OreganoMexicanPoliomintha longifloraherbgrowing
OreganoOreganoOriganum vulgareherbgrowing
Osage orangeOsage orangeMaclura pomiferatreegrowing
ParsleyCurledPetroselinum crispumherbgrowing
ParsleyItalian Flat LeafPetroselinum crispumherbgrowing
Passion FlowerPurplePassiflora incarnatavinegrowing
Passion FlowerRedPassiflora coccineavinewish list
Passion FlowerVineUnknown / Evaluatingvinegrowing
Passion FlowerYellowPassiflora luteavinegrowing
PeachBabcockPrunus persicatreewish list
PeachBelle of GeorgiaPrunus persicatreegrowing
PeachCresthavenPrunus persicatreegrowing
PeachSaturn DonutPrunus persicatreegrowing
PeanutHogAmphicarpaea bracteatagroundwish list
PecanAmlingCarya illinoinensistreewish list
PecanCaddoCarya illinoinensistreewish list
PecanKanzaCarya illinoinensistreewish list
PlumIndianOemleria cerasiformisshrubgrowing
PokeweedAmericanPhytolacca americanashrubwish list
PomegranateUtah SweetPunica granatumshrubgrowing
PomegranateWhitePunica granatumshrubgrowing
PossumhawPossumhawViburnum nudumshrubgrowing
PossumhawBrandywineViburnum nudum ‘Bulk’ BRANDYWINEshrubgrowing
PossumhawPossumhawIlex deciduashrubwish list
PrimroseEveningOenothera biennisherbwish list
PurslaneWinterClaytonia perfoliataherbwish list
PyrethrumPyrethrumTanacetum cinerariifoliumherbgrowingy
QuinceAromatnayaCydonia oblonga ‘Aromatnaya’treewish list
QuinceKuganskayaCydonia oblonga ‘Kuganskaya’treegrowing
QuincePineappleCydonia oblonga ‘Pineapple’treewish list
QuinceTexas Scarlet FloweringChaenomeles × superbashrubwish list
QuinceToyo Nishiki FloweringChaenomeles speciosashrubgrowing
QuinceVictoryChaenomeles speciosashrubgrowing
RampsRampsAllium tricoccumherbgrowing
RedbayPersea borboniaPersea borboniateawish list
RedbudEasternCercis canadensistreegrowing
RocketTurkishBunias orientalisveggYgrowing
RoseAppleRosa villosashrubwish list
RoseRugosaRosa rugosashrubgrowing
RoseWoods’Rosa woodsiiherbwish list
RosemaryRosemarySalvia rosmarinus (syn., Rosmarinus officinalis)herbgrowing
RudbeckiaGoldsturmRudbeckia fulgidaherbgrowing
RueJackman’s Blue RueRuta graveolensherbgrowing
SageGardenSalvia officinalisherbgrowing
SagePineappleSalvia elegansherbgrowing
SagePurpleSalvia officinalis ‘Purpurascens’herbgrowing
SageMeadowSalvia nemorosa ‘Lyrical’herbgrowing
SageMealy BlueSalvia farinaceaherbgrowing
SalalSalalGaultheria shallongroundgrowing
SassafrasSassafrasSassafras albidumtreegrowing
SavoryWinterSatureja montanaherbgrowing
Schisandra VineApricot BlushSchisandra rubrifloravinewish list
Schisandra VineEastern PrinceSchisandra chinensisvinegrowing
Schisandra VineValentineSchisandra rubrifloravinewish list
ServiceberryCanadianAmelanchier canadensisshrubgrowing
ServiceberryDownyAmelanchier arboreashrubwish list
ServiceberryNativeAmelanchier arboreashrubgrowing
ServiceberryRegentAmelanchier alnifoliashrubgrowing
ServiceberrySaskatoonAmelanchier alnifolia var. semiintegrifoliashrubwish list
ServiceberrySmoothAmelanchier laevisshrubwish list
SilverweedPacificArgentina egediigrounddied 🙁
SkullcapSkullcapScutellaria laterifloraherbgrowing
SoapberryWesternSapindus drummondii or Sapindus saponaria var. drummondiitreegrowing
SorrelBlonde de LyonRumex acetosa ‘Blonde de Lyon’herbwish list
SquashSummerCucurbita pepoveggYwish list
SquashberrySquashberryViburnum eduleshrubwish list
St. John’s WortCommonHypericum perforatumherbgrowing
SteviaSweetleafStevia rebaudianaherbgrowing
StrawberryAlpineFragaria vescagroundgrowing
StrawberryWildFragaria virginianagroundgrowing
StrawberryWonderful PineberryFragaria ‘Wonderful Pineberry’groundgrowing
StrawberryTreeArbutus unedoshrubgrowing
SumacFragrantRhus aromaticashrubwish list
SunflowerSunflowerHelianthusveggYwish list
SweetgaleSweetgaleMyrica galeshrubwish list
TarweedCoastMadia sativaherbwish list
TeaMexicanDysphania ambrosioidesherbwish list
ThimbleberryThimbleberryRubus parviflorusshrubwish list
ThymeLemonThymus citriodorusherbgrowing
ThymeGermanThymus vulgarisherbgrowing
ThymeWildThymus serpyllumherbwish list
TobaccoCultivatedNicotiana tabacumherbwish list
TobaccoIndianNicotiana rusticaherbwish list
TulsiTulsiOcimum tenuiflorum (Ocimum sanctum)herbwish list
TurmericTurmericCurcuma longaherbgrowing
TurnipPrairiePediomelum esculentum and Psoralea esculentaveggYwish list
ViburnumBurkwoodViburnum x burkwoodiishrubgrowing
ViburnumBurkwood ‘Mohawk’Viburnum x burkwoodii ‘Mohawk’shrubwish list
ViburnumTeaViburnum setigerumshrubwish list
WalnutBlackJuglans nigratreegrowing
WaxweedBlueCuphea viscosissimaherbwish list
WayfaringtreeMohicanViburnum lantana ‘Mohican’shrubwish list
WinterberryCherry BerriesGaultheria procumbensgrounddied 🙁
WinterberryCommonIlex verticillataherbwish list
WinterberryWildGaultheria procumbensgroundwish list
WitchhazelArnold PromiseHamamelis × intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’herbgrowing
WitchhazelBigleafHamamelis ovalisherbwish list
WitchhazelCommonHamamelis virginianaherbgrowing
WitchhazelJelenaHamamelis × intermedia ‘Jelena’herbgrowing
WitchhazelOzarkHamamelis vernalisherbwish list
WitherodWitherodViburnum cassinoidesshrubwish list
YampahYampahPerideridia gairdneriherbwish list
YauponYauponIlex vomitoriateawish list
YellowrootYellowrootXanthorhiza simplicissimaherbwish list
Yerba BuenaYerba BuenaClinopodium douglasiiherbwish list
YuzuYuzuCitrus junostreegrowing

Native edible plants and well-adapted non-native edible plants (zone 7)

make sure YOU read and study any plant you’re interested in.  learn, learn, learn, and then learn some more.

we are located 5 miles south of Washington, DC.  that’s USDA plant zone 7b, and about 20-40 feet above sea level (soon to be ocean-front property :/).  


1. aquatic
2. ground cover
3. herb
4. shrub

5. tea
6. tree
7. veggy
8. vine

these are ad hoc categories created by HEPPY.   
the tea and veggy categories will explode with more plants some future season.  and we’re ALWAYS learning more (just discovered ORAC value and which plants are top on that list!).  this is a fluid category.


1. growing at HEPPY 😉 
2. plan on growing it (‘wish list’)

it’s black or white:  either she’s growin’ at HEPPY or she ain’t been planted.
we have a ‘wish list’ … hint hint.  donations are accepted!

Plants grow in full sun, partial shade, full shade, or a combination

↑  full sun
⬈ full or half
~  half day of sun
↓  low sun (full shade; dappled)
↔ all levels of sunlight

sunlight.  this category has the most ‘grey area.’  some plants truly need full sun (Sea Berry, Rosemary, Lavender, Mediterranean plants like the Medlar, etc.).  some plants are more adaptive (⬈) but the more sun they get, the better the fruit.  currants & gooseberry need no more than a half-day sun (~) IF that.
if a plant fits any sunlight condition (↔),  then determine your purpose.  is it food production; is it to fill-in a shady or sunny spot; or is it for erosion control along a stream bank?  your purpose determines the fit, given the light conditions. 
Example 1:  the Pawpaw is an understory tree (↓).  she grows fine in 1/2 shade (~), and with a little care for its first two years, grows excellently in full sun (↑).  we grow Pawpaw for fruit production, so they’re in full sun.  Pawpaw  fit any sunlight condition (↔) but produces more fruit in full sun.
Example 2:  the Green Tea plant likes shade.  but we want good growth so she’s in dapple light for most of the day, a very little ‘smash’ of full sun for a short while.  she’s thriving.    

A plant's water needs are low, moderate or high

↑ high need (wet, moist)
~ moderate or, ‘it depends’
↓ low* (exceptions!)

water.  some plants live in water (↑), some plants tolerate diverse conditions (~); and some want “dry feet” all the time OR, are perfectly adapted to natural rainfall once the tree is mature (↓).  some have water requirements that change/vary over the plant’s first 5-7 years of life.
Example 1:  Pawpaw need plenty of water and shade for the first two years after planting (eg, planting from a 3-5 gallon pot).  Once mature, Pawpaw are fine with natural rain (no need to water, ↓), and can tolerate full sun.
Example 2:  by definition, native and well-adapted plants get ample water once they mature.  these are marked as, ↓.  do you have to water these when mature?  no.  can you give these type a good intermittent soaking through the summer or when full of fruit?  yes!

Plants grow slow, moderate or fast

↑ fast
~ moderate
↓ slow

growth rate.  HEPPY is assuming the plant is growing in great soil.  we’re not too focused on ph (yet); we grow using rich, organic soil and maybe 30% native soil (we have clay / clay loam).
remember, great soil is EVERYTHING.  it gives the roots a running start, holds moisture and nutrients, microorganisms and earthworms and such thrive, and more.  soil has a major impact on growth-speed.

Plants with human health benefits based on NIH and proven folk remedies
↑  high
~ moderate
↓ low
n  not found

medicinal qualities.  this is a semi-subjective category.  Plants with human health benefits based on NIH or proven folk remedies (via, Peterson’s Field Guide,, USDA PLANTS database) are considered.
Ranked high (↑) are plants with millennia of health benefits, NIH studies as such OR health value (Pawpaw and cancer).  Otherwise, categorization is subjective based on the above-cited sources. 

Superfood for healthy living

↑↑  a superfood
↑    highly nutritious
n  not found

superfood for human health
↑↑ means that there’s NIH medical research verifying many benefits.  BIG benefits to our health!  Published verification and unambiguously beneficial.
↑ are plants that are highly nutritious.  very favorable benefits but not as extraordinary as ↑↑.  (According to my research of NIH medical literature.) 
n means that it is not in this HEPPY™ category of a superfood.
Candidly, I’m disappointed in the number of times I read NIH research concluding, “[this plant’s benefits] has not been extensively studied….” or “has yet to be further explored.”  I’ve seen these statement for Flax, Plum, Sea Berry, and Goji Berry — plants that humans have consumed for up to 3,000 years!  

This plant encourages sleep, improves sleep quality or is calming

y   yes
n  no

sleep aid or calming.  either there’s evidence of the plant reducing insomnia, improving sleep quality or is calming, or not (or, I have not found it….).  Peterson’s Field Guide,, USDA PLANTS database, and USDA Agricultural Research Service USDA-ARS) are excellent resources.  science or academic related websites may described the evidence also.

Plants that improve lung function and respiratory health

y   yes
n  no

pulmonary benefit.  either there’s evidence of improving respiratory function (eg, improves affects of asthma), or not (or, I have not found it….).  Peterson’s Field Guide,, USDA PLANTS database, and USDA Agricultural Research Service USDA-ARS) are excellent resources.  science or academic related websites may described the evidence also.

Plants with insecticidal and insect repellent properties

y   yes
n  no

insecticidal and insect repellent properties.  either there’s evidence of insecticidal properties or not (or, I have not found it….).  Peterson’s Field Guide,, USDA PLANTS database, and USDA Agricultural Research Service USDA-ARS) are excellent resources.  science or academic related websites may described the evidence also.

Nitrogen fixing plants have a symbiotic association with bacteria

y   yes
n  no

nitrogen fixing.  plants are either ‘nitrogen fixing’ or not (or, I have not found it….). 
science about this topic is mature; it’s well publicized when plants provide this value.  the biological mechanics of nitrogen fixing is fascinating.  Googling the topic hit these sites that provide information without commercial noise:  Wikipedia, Lumen Learning, and from the University of Edinburgh.

Wildlife food for birds and small mammals

y   yes
n  no

wildlife food.  this category will likely be removed or replaced.  most plants we grow provide edible fruit so they’re a HAVEN for wildlife.
everything we grow provides wildlife food except herbs or, if the root is the edible part.
perhaps a better category:  is it bird or squirrel proof 😉  that’s a better question to answer 😉

Pollinators are attracted to this plant

y   yes
n  no

pollinators THRIVE.  ‘yes’ means that pollinators SMOTHER the blooms.  otherwise, pollinators love ’em all.
this is observational, based on what I see at HEPPY.  i can’t think of one plant producing a fruit that doesn’t flower which, in turn, hosts a bounty of flying creatures.  
some blooms, such as the Pawpaw, attract flies.  my UNscientific sense is that the early early bloom period (literally the first bloom of the spring) lends itself to flies whereas, traditional pollinators may take another few weeks to start buzzing around.

North America native plants

y   yes
n  no

native to North America.  ‘yes’ means it’s truly native to North America.
quick note about hybrid cultivars:  they are tricky.  some hybrids are a mix of non-native species.  for example, the Rosseyanka Persimmon is a hybrid between the American and Asian Persimmon tree.  subjectively, for our table o’ info, we designated these trees as non-native. 

List of Deer Tolerant plants

100   deer will NOT eat it
75     deer nibble it
0       deer candy

Deer-Resistant Plants.  HEPPY™ is surrounded by deer with voracious appetites.  in some cases, our deer nibble on plants that most folks say are fully deer-resistant, such as the Northern Spicebush.
so, our three scores are based on experience here at HEPPY™.  we seem to have very hungry deer; we are in an urban setting.
100 — deer don’t eat it if we leave the plant unprotected.
75 — means that deer nibble the leaves but will not significantly destroy the plant.
 0 — deer candy.  serious damage; near total plant destruction.  it’s the first plant they eat if they got inside our enclosures.

Flaticon provided the lovely lil’ icons.

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The goal is to have webpages that cover all aspects of these valuable plants.  The eight sections cover it:

+ Fact Sheet (plant details)
+ History of the plant
+ Landscaping & garden ideas: landscape architecture, & garden “fit”
+ Edible AND medicinal qualities of each plant

+ Commercial viability (plant products that can be sold)
+ Care & maintenance each plant
+ Propagation (seed, cuttings, division, layering, etc.)
+ Show the plants growing at HEPPY™ over time.

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QOL is permaculture to grow and eat nutritious food. QOL is physical exercise and physical health. It’s mental health to include rest, meditation, enjoyment of nature, and working at what makes you passionate. It’s about being creative, artistic and INVENTIVE. And, HEPPY emphasizes financial health by being self-sustaining and finding best value!

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