HEPPY Lifestyle™ is Quality of Life (QOL) for YOU

HEPPY Lifestyle is about Quality of Life (QOL).  It’s a lifestyle YOU deserve, and YOU can do.

QOL is organic gardening and eating nutritious food.  Use permaculture techniques to keep gardening natural and simple.  QOL is physical exercise and physical health.  It’s mental health to include rest, meditation, and enjoyment of nature.  Aspire to feel better.  QOL is being creative, artistic and INVENTIVE.  Work at what makes you passionate.  And, HEPPY™ emphasizes financial health.  Create passive income, be self-sustaining, and finding best value!  It’s a lifestyle that will work for YOU!

Since 2017, HEPPY is developing it’s centerpiece: a 02 acre, organic garden.  We’re growing over 250 edible plants.  However, our goal is 450 plants!  We grow edible plants native to North America, and well-adapted non-native plants.  The organic garden has fruiting trees and shrubs, and edible ground cover and flowers.  We also grow herbs, vegetables, medicinal plants, and teas.   Check our list of plants!!

The property was was found abandoned!   A gnarly mess.  But not anymore 😉   The HEPPY sanctuary is ONLY 9 miles south of the US Capitol.  And slowly but surely, we’re converting a “regular” residential home on the property into a comfortable off-grid oasis.

Nutritional, physical, mental, creative, and financial health are pillars of a HEPPY Lifestyle – pillars to QOL.

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explore HEPPY™ and volunteer!!  see how we do what we do!  support us with ideas, or with your energy, skills, and time.  you can also support us by funding a project or by making a contribution.

the cornerstone of our work is to build a living representation of a healthy, high quality of life (qol) lifestyle. healthy eating, self-sufficiency, exercise, financial security and success.  we merge modern technology with traditional solutions, share ideas, and grow wealth!  Explore the new modern lifestyle — the HEPPY™ lifestyle!

HEPPY™ is building a 02 acre organic garden.  a food forest.  an exhibition garden.  a BIG ASS garden 😉

we use permaculture techniques.  permaculture is the modern word for how humans farmed through our entire human history.  permaculture is simply, growing your food using the resources around you.

HEPPY’s head gardener learned from old-world master gardeners.  that’s why our fruiting plants explode with growth.   U TOO can use any of these plants in your landscape architecture and garden ideas.

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need an outlet for creative ideas?  then we got it.  need a rest & to settle?  then we have that too.  want to take a long walk in the forest or along the Potomac?  yup — we got that too.  a place to build a windmill or to experiment with solar or to work up a sweat growing giant healthy edible plants?  then U got it at HEPPY lifestyle!

decompress or throttle up.  HEPPY’s quality of life (qol) is peacefulness and mindfulness.  it’s skill-building and learning.  HEPPY it’s emotional, physical and financial health.  we want u to b HEPPY!

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