People Passionate for Quality of Life (QOL)

Americans have shorter life expectancy and worse health than people in other high-income countries.  That’s not Quality of Life.  Is it stress, the food and diet, water or, is it a combination of things?  HEPPY™ doesn’t have the answer but we suspect that Quality of Life is living peacefully, eating nutrient rich organic foods, and being part of a like-minded community.  QOL is applying prudent financial stewardship to include economic self-sufficiency.  it’s being active and creative, and in working with purpose. Y not?

we’re currently building a 2 acre garden.  the garden is expanding to a list of 400 edible plants.  also, we are building AD-FREE webpages that show YOU how to garden each plant!   but the practices below are for you.  if we can do it, then so can you 😉

subscribe to us on YouTube.  we’re evolving, and developing new content.  Quality of Life for YOUR home is just around the corner 😉

Quality of Life for YOUR home

HEPPILY peaceful

HEPPY™ is a peaceful space for people.   we practice mindfulness, make healthy nutritional choices, are actively learning and applying vocational skills, and rest the body and mind.

to meet our goals, HEPPY is purposefully scaling up a self-sustaining off-grid home.  it includes a sustainable, organic permaculture garden / food sources, and using green technology.  we experiment, grow businesses, and do all this at a gentle and peaceful yet purposeful pace.  

Mycorrhizal symbiosis between plants and fungi is important for plant growth

HEPPILY mindful

mindfulness is a attractive word and concept.  but without practicing it, it’s meaningless.  start with honesty

mindfulness is not easy because it requires unbridled honesty, patience, tolerance, and empathy.  it also requires boundaries (respect).    

HEPPY nutrition

we believe in the benefits of plant based diet.  plant based foods have many physical and mental health benefits.

for example, vegans report less stress and anxiety than omnivores.  also, a plant-centric diet is eaten in regions with the world’s longest living women (Okinawa, Japan), and longest living men (Sardinia, Italy).  they have a better healthspan — they are healthy into their 90s.  healthspan, not just lifespan, is a HEPPY™ quality of life lifestyle.

that’s why HEPPY is focused on a permaculture gardening.  an organically grown edible landscape of high-nutrient edible plants.  fruiting trees, fruiting shrubs and  bushes, edible fruiting ground cover, edible flowers, and growing vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants, and teas.

HEPPY dogs

we also had the pleasure of hosting the coolest dog on earth 😉

Living a HEPPY™ lifestyle, QOL, permaculture & health and wellness

HEPPY meditation​

we practice meditation.  it’s ancient knowledge, and proven to be effective.  meditation provides physical and mental benefits.

it’s a tool we use to manage our lives.  nothing complicated — we practice Transcendental Meditation (TM).  it seems to be at the forefront of meditation.  and, with TM, you don’t have to curl your fingers into an ‘ok’ sign.  with TM, you just relax 😉 

HEPPILY rested

rest is good. quiet is good. there are limits to everything but rest and sleep allows for important physiological recovery.

Rest and sleep allows for important physiological recovery

HEPPY medicinal plants​

HEPPY™ is exploring the remedies that herbs provide.  there’s SO much learn!  and, there’s more than herds.  for example, a tree in India that provides benefits just as the native red osier shrub did for indigenous peoples of America. 

plants are the basis for majority of our medicines and ?most? remain undiscovered and untested.  many plants have medicinal qualities.

plants heal, calm, energize, and add value in other ways.  so HEPPY is gathering the evidence from the ancient to the modern, then documenting and employing the evidence.  please volunteer and support us!

pollinators thrive on Anise Hyssop Agastache foeniculum

HEPPY vocational skills

HEPPY™ believe in sharing knowledge with HEPPY people.  

learn the skills to farm organically and learn about a vast number of edible plants.  develop a native and non-native edible landscape, garden design.  learn the skills of maintaining buildings and property ownership.  learn skills for WordPress and elements of e-Commerce.  develop the skills to be TRULY self reliant and self-sustaining.  be empowered!

HEPPILY active

endorphins are released after performing about 20 minutes of exercise / physical activity.  these physiological and biochemical mechanisms reduce anxiety, stress and depression.  endorphins is the ‘feel good’ drug that your brain produces; it was always produced when our lifestyles were active.  conversely, a sedentary lifestyle diminishes physical and mental health.   so a HEPPY™ lifestyle is an active lifestyle.  

activity is a valuable tool, and promotes a high QOL.  HEPPY is actively growing things, building things…doing things.  come-out and Explore HEPPY!

HEPPY financial health

‘financial health’ is undervalued and underrated.  financial health is a pillar of equal in importance.

passive income is essential to sustainability.  money does not grow on tree but trees can produce money.  there are many ways to make passive income.  explore HEPPY by volunteering and supporting us!  see how we can help YOU and YOU, us.

Nutritional, physical, mental, creative, and financial health are pillars of a HEPPY™ lifestyle – pillars to qol.